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Growing your Aussie Online Biz!

So you are starting, or in the day-to-day runnings of a small ecommerce biz? How are your customers finding you?

As a solopreneur, you're probably very familiar with this solo journey. Small business owners often say "I just need more sales" but often that is the by-product of the root of the problem, which is not enough visibility, traffic, or leads.

If you have a 'sales' problem, I would encourage you to consider what steps before the sale is your business missing or is not performing? 

Book a FREE 25min "Discovery Call" to share your current small biz frustration. Fast forward our learning journey and results by working with me one-on-one, or DIY a strategy centred around your specific business needs.

Start here!

Step by Step how I achieved 10% conversion rate in 2023 - you can too!

More sales in 2024!

Throughout 2023 I ran a Lead Generation strategy called the Giveaway Strategy! Across all of 2023, this group of leads I collected converted at 10% - that is more than four times the average Australian eCommerce online store rate! This strategy = actual online sales for your store!

My Workbook is full of strategy, step-by-step, screenshots, Meta Ads campaign setup.... you too can set up a Lead Generation Strategy DIY with my workbook!

Get your brand in front of new people and get more sales!

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