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Planning in small steps - Strategies for 2024 success in ecommerce Australia

As we step into 2024, strategic planning becomes crucial for e-commerce success. In my latest podcast episode, I shared not only the strategies for growing an e-commerce business but also the reasoning behind this specific approach. Drawing from my experiences with two Shopify stores, this post provides actionable steps and insights into the thought process behind effective e-commerce planning.

Why This Planning Approach?

The decision to adopt this particular planning method was driven by a need for clarity, simplicity, and effectiveness. After years of trial and error, I realized that overcomplicated plans often lead to confusion and missed opportunities. By using simple tools like a planner and Post-it notes, I was able to create a clear, adaptable plan that was easy to follow and implement.

Actionable Strategies for E-commerce Growth

  1. Monthly Promotions: Plan monthly promotions to maintain consistent customer engagement. For instance, a January discount can help sustain sales momentum post-Christmas.

  2. Interactive Customer Challenges: Foster a community with interactive challenges, rewarding participation to boost engagement.

  3. Subscription Box Promotions: Attract and retain subscribers with offers like half-price boxes.

  4. Gift With Purchase: Enhance customer value without resorting to heavy discounting.

  5. Focused Email Campaigns: Spotlight individual products to drive sales and interest in your broader catalogue.

  6. End of Financial Year Sales: A strategic approach to inventory management and customer value.

  7. Free Shipping Upgrades: A simple yet effective incentive during peak shopping times.

The Simplicity Principle

The guiding principle behind these strategies is simplicity. Complex promotions can alienate customers, while straightforward, regular offers are easier for customers to understand and engage with. This approach keeps the business agile and responsive to market trends and customer needs.


These strategies, rooted in practical experience, are aimed at fostering growth and enhancing customer engagement in your e-commerce venture. Remember, effective planning hinges on clarity and simplicity. Sometimes, the simplest strategies can drive the most significant growth.

As we navigate the exciting world of e-commerce in 2024, I encourage you to share your strategies and experiences. Let’s learn from each other and build success stories together!

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