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What can you expect?

This 30+ page workbook is packed with actual strategy, step-by-step, so you can duplicate what I set up throughout 2023. I achieved a 10% conversion rate from my Giveaway Lead Generation strategy in 2023 - that was 10% sales eCommerce conversion rate = actual sales! This is more than 4x the Aussie average!

Topics included:

  • Why is lead generation important?

  • Why use a giveaway?

  • What is a good giveaways prize?

  • Graphics for my giveaway

  • Meta ads for my giveaway

  • Email flows

  • Email Campaign templates

  • Monetizing my leads!

  • Continuing to monetize my leads!

A podcast listener tried it!

Customer Genric.png
"I was excited to try the Giveaway Lead Generation Strategy for free - as a listener of Rachel's podcast! I have been using it for 2 months now and have added 60 leads to my email list (I started with less than 100 - my online business is very new).
I have even had 3 sales from my new leads so far! I'm excited to see how many more sales I get through the year and now I have the system set-up, it is working for me almost on automatic!
I love how repeatable this strategy is!"

Julie W (WA)

Make your money back in just a couple of sales!


Ready to get more sales?

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This lead generation strategy could be for you!

Throughout 2023 I ran a Lead Generation strategy called the Giveaway Strategy! Across all of 2023, this group of leads I collected converted at 10% - that is more than four times the average Australian eCommerce online store rate! This strategy = actual online sales for your store!

My Workbook is full of strategy, step-by-step, screenshots, Meta Ads campaign setup.... you too can set up a Lead Generation Strategy DIY with my workbook!

Get your brand in front of new people and get more sales!


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