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About Rachel

Join forces with the Aussie eCommerce Mum, your ally in nurturing small and micro businesses.


I've developed two thriving online businesses from the ground up, harnessing the power of Facebook/Instagram advertising and Email Marketing.

My investment in Meta advertising has transformed into substantial revenue, while email marketing alone contributed to 40% of my revenue over the past year.

Experience the kind of growth I've seen: a consistent 150% annual revenue increase, and a staggering 450% surge in Black Friday weekend revenue in 2023 compared to 2022.

Ready to elevate your hobby to a serious business venture? I'm here to support and guide you through the challenges, helping you see the vast potential ahead.

On the fence? Tune into my podcast for practical, inspiring tips to boost your eCommerce journey.

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Book your FREE 60min Discovery Call now - you have nothing to lose!

Step by Step how I achieved 10% conversion rate in 2023 - you can too!

More sales in 2024!

Throughout 2023 I ran a Lead Generation strategy called the Giveaway Strategy! Across all of 2023, this group of leads I collected converted at 10% - that is more than four times the average Australian eCommerce online store rate! This strategy = actual online sales for your store!

My Workbook is full of strategy, step-by-step, screenshots, Meta Ads campaign setup.... you too can set up a Lead Generation Strategy DIY with my workbook!

Get your brand in front of new people and get more sales!

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